Residence-Program in the Schütz Art Museum in Upper Austria:

Juanita Frier: Residence + Exhibition
“Love is loud”

Beginning September 1, 2023, Juanita Frier will be an artist in residence at Forster Gallery. On September 15 at 6:00 pm local time is the opening of the exhibition, which will show her works from the residency. The exhibition will last until October 15, 2023.

The title alone arouses curiosity:

Love is loud

Love is an enormous force for Juanita Frier. And she feels there is a direct connection to music. Her new works will be inspired by music. For Frier, music transports love, freedom and movement. She wants to transfer all that to her canvas.

The artist does not yet know which songs she will choose and which ones will ultimately move her to paint a picture. Probably she will focus on South African and Tanzanian musicians: Goldfish, Azana, Zuchu, Diamond Platnumz or Saida Karoli..

What drives Juanita Frier is the belief that art connects. “The process of creating art is a way to share ourselves with others.”

For Juanita Frier, this will be her second residency at Forster Gallery. She describes her first residency in Zanzibar in March 2020 as “a wonderful and inspiring experience.” Since then, she has been very involved and has traveled a lot over the past three years.

Exhibitions in South Africa and Austria
Juanita Frier had a solo exhibition at the Art Eye Gallery in Johannesburg and participated in the residency program at the Schütz Art Museum in Upper Austria for two months in spring 2023. She was accompanied by Matty Monethi, an artist from Lesotho. The two were also able to exhibit their works at the Vienna Art Fair.

The Schütz Art Museum in Upper Austria offers an artist-in-residence-program as well. 2023 with a focus on South Africa. The concept is that promising international artists can work in the museum studios for a month or longer and come into contact with museum visitors to explain their art. This is intended to make the process of creation visible and thus create a new basis of understanding for contemporary art.

Enjoyment of the work and artist encounters
Juanita Frier found her time in Austria enriching: “I really enjoyed my work. The contacts were also exciting. We got to know a great Austrian metal sculptor – Günther Fahrner. I like his work very much.”

Paintings from Juanita Frier in the Forster Gallery